Beronica has been a practicing Metaphysical Healer for over thirty years. She works on the subtle energies in the body to allow change. Through studying subtle energy along with many years of research she has been able to establish comfortable a process of intuitive healing. This can range from chakra balancing and auric field energy balancing using crystal and colour therapy, meditation techniques and deep relaxation therapies, to discovering deep insights for the individual, aiding in addressing blockages that prevent one from allowing contentment.

Metaphysical Healing is a relative new term to describe a connection of the physical body to the subtle energies which one may or may not be aware of.  This practice goes beyond psychic healing and is not a practice of seeing future events. This practice is about one experiencing a sense of being present and resolving issues that are blocking the potential growth of the individual. In being able to focus on the now, people can assess what they want to change in their lives so their future can be what ever they want it to be.  

Through training and practice the metaphysical realms become part of this physical experience which allows for the any transition of circumstance even if one thinks it is locked in.

Knowledge allows for choice and being able to consciously choose our path is the secret to contentment.

Beronica understands the difficulties of this rapidly changing world and how they affect us all, both individually and collectively.  There are practices for understanding these sometimes not so subtle energies, but understanding how the mind body and spirit are driven to find balance and harmony is the key to well being. There are no magic wands or instant spells but, through understanding, the mystical world is not foreign and is achievable for everyone who is open to possibility.

Therapy sessions on metaphysical balancing can be achieved both in the clinic or by remote sessions, usually via a phone call. 

Workshops are being developed and available in the very near future with Beronica and renowned Metaphysical Healer Carol Schrader 

Clinic Hours: By appointment.
Monday:           9 am - 6 pm 
Tuesday:           9 am - 4 pm
Wednesday:     9 am - 6 pm
Thursday:        12 pm - 4 pm
Friday:              11 am - 4 pm
Saturday:          9 am -  1 pm


Phone Consultations:            $120.00 Allow at least an hour. I call the appointee after payment has been received on the agreed day and time.

Initial Consultation:              $80.00 1 hour

Standard Consultation:         $70.00

Long Sessions:                        $120.00 over 1 hour 

Beronica Murray


Remedial Therapist