Beronica Murray has been a Remedial Therapist for 30 years and has been able to develop a unique style of therapy. 

Through her training in the European styles of massage including Therapeutic, Remedial and Swedish  through to Oriental styles of  acupressure and meridian balancing, she has developed a style that is both therapeutic and sustainable. 

Training in Bowen Therapy reinforced this style of work, with a sound knowledge of the physical and energetic flows in the body. When developing her own style, Beronica is able to draw on a long history of education and practice, often seeing changes in old or new injuries or conditions. Though the development of her style new injuries are able to heal faster with a sustained result. 

Asian styles of therapy predominantly  deal with meridians and acupressure points to bring about flow and change in the body to achieve balance to both the nervous and muscular systems.

It is when this balance is achieved that long lasting sustainable results can be obtained. By combining both Western and  Eastern practices Beronica is able to achieve sustainable results within minimal treatments, thus making her treatments affordable. Maintenance level is usually achieved within three treatments, depending on the individual.

Health Fund Rebates apply.

Clinic Hours: By Appointment.

Monday:           9 am  -     6 pm

Tuesday:           9 am  -     4 pm

Wednesday:     9 am  -     6 pm

Thursday:       12 pm  -     4 pm

 Friday:            11 am  -     4 pm

Saturday:          9 am  -     1 pm


Initial Treatment:          $80.00  allow 1.5 hour

Standard Treatment:     $70.00 45 min -1 hour

Long Treatments:           $120.00  1.5 hour

Cash Payments only. There are no EFTPOS facility.

Beronica Murray


Remedial Therapist