Beronica Murray is a qualified Remedial Therapist with 30 years experience. Offering Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy which is in most cases Health Fund refundable. She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society -  with her registration number being ATMS1094.

As an emerging artist Beronica has created a Gallery of her works at Devoncourt Lane. The gallery is set in inviting reflective  gardens and  visitors are welcome to stroll about them to enjoy the peaceful setting.

Beronica is also an accomplished  Metaphysical Healer with some 40 years experience. She is a natural intuitive and this is also displayed in her art work and writings. Her sensitivity allows for her to be able to read subtle energies and bring to that intuition that is for the seeker. 

Metaphysical healing and meditation groups are in development and will be available  in the coming months with guest Metaphysical Healer Carol Schrader. Workshops in Meditation and Healing techniques are a fun and casual form of introduction into the subtle energies and are available for both the novices and the experienced alike. 

Turquoise Aurora. 2009 

available in print


Beronica Murray


Remedial Therapist